Important Updates - Fall 2018

At the end of the Fall 2017 season the Cheerleading Board sent out a detailed End of Season Survey. They requested all parents/coaches to fill out the survey so they could make some important decisions about the Cheerleading Program for Fall 2018 and future seasons.

The survey results dictated a lot of the changes we have for the upcoming Fall 2018 season. Please read all of the information below to find out about these changes and how they will affect your child's experience this fall.


In Fall 2018 there will be an End of Season Performance by all cheer squads. Squads/Coaches will be able to choose whether they will "showcase" or "compete". 

Squads who choose to showcase will perform in front of parents & other spectators to show what they have learned during the season. They will NOT be judged and participation awards will be given to cheerleaders who showcase.

Squads who choose to compete will perform in front of parents & other spectators and compete against squads in their division who also choose to compete. Squads who compete will be judged by professional cheer judges from the National Cheerleading Association. Squads will compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Any squad who competes but does not place (1st-3rd) will be given participation awards. 

The End of Season performances will be held at an indoor facility this year.


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with GTM/Champion Sportswear to bring our cheerleader families an AMAZING deal on a standard uniform package!

Beginning Fall 2018 ASA cheer squads will be required to use GTM/Champion Sportswear for their uniform needs. However, we are sensitive to the needs of returning squads who may have bought new uniforms in Fall 2017. We will allow returning squads one more season to use their preferred vendor for new cheerleaders added to their roster in Fall 2018 or to replace returning cheerleader uniform pieces as needed due to size changes. 

All new squads to ASA in Fall 2018 will be required to use GTM/Champion Sportswear for their uniform needs and in Fall 2019 ALL squads, returning or new will be required to use GTM/Champion Sportswear.

For package information, fitting dates and more please click on the "uniform" link. 


Squad minimums and maximums will be enforced this season. Any squad who does not bring in the maximum number of squad members will have draft cheerleaders added to fill out the roster (if needed). Squads are not allowed to close their roster unless they bring in the maximum number of cheerleaders for their division. Please see the registration information on the home page for the minimum and maximum roster sizes for each grade.