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The goal of the All-Star Games is to recognize and celebrate players who have demonstrated not only exceptional softball skill, but also commitment, good sportsmanship, hard work, a positive team attitude and leadership.  The games are intended to be friendly, competitive matches in a fun, family atmosphere.  The program will feature team introductions, music and medals for all players.  We are looking forward to an exciting and memorable evening as we recognize and celebrate these girls on their achievement in being named an All-Star!



Tuesday, May 21, 2024 – 8U and 12U All-Star Games (5:45 pm & 7:45 pm)

Thursday, May 23, 2024 – 10U and 14U All-Star Games (5:45 pm & 7:45 pm)


* Schedule is subject to change based on completion of regular season games and weather


Team Formation

Two teams will be formed from each league based on team rankings at the end of the regular season. For leagues with split divisions, balanced teams will be formed from all the divisional teams based on final regular season team rankings.  Teams for the Inter-city leagues (12U/14U) will consist of players from all league teams. The following tables list the team formation by league and how many players will be selected by each team**.

Player Selections

The player selection process is up to the head coach.  As a coach you know the character of your team and players, the personalities, the commitment, the effort and the skill.  Being an All-Star encompasses many different things and that is why selecting All-Stars from your team can be very difficult.  It is also a great responsibility.  While it is at the discretion of the head coach to select their representatives for the All-Star game, the following selection methods are provided as examples:

  • Consider feedback from others such as assistant coaches, team managers, parents, and teammates
  • Let your players vote
  • Take a vote amongst players, parents, and coaches to determine the representatives


However you decide to select your representatives, we encourage you to emphasize the importance of not only skill, but also the other factors that make a player an All-Star.

Player Submissions

The head coach from each team will submit their All-Star selections online (see link below).  The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 10th.  In addition to the number of players per team indicated in the table above, teams should also select an alternate to play in the event one of their teams’ designees cannot make the game.  

Click Here for Player Submission Form 

 Game Format

Game format and rules will be the same as the respective leagues.  Game times will be extended to 75 minutes for 8U and 85 minutes for 10U/12U/14U to maximize playing time.  USA Softball umpires will call the games.

All-Star Coaches

Each team will send a representative to coach the All-Star Game.  The coach from the highest seeded team on each roster will serve as the Head Coach of their respective team.  For split divisions, it will be the highest seeded team. (e.g. Silver 1 would be higher seeded than Gold 2)

Please direct any questions regarding the All-Star Game to your League Director.



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