Mini Volleyball

1st Grade

2nd Grade


Leopards (Sparacino)
  Sugar & Spikes (McDonald)
  Sunfire (McDonald)
  Ballerz (Lamb)
  Sassy Servers (Starling)



3rd Grade (4x4)

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

Beauty & Block (Ratliff)

Stinging Bees (Williams)

Hot Shots (Baker) Served Hot (Minissale)  
Penguins (Amey) Voleypopz (Lundberg) Lady Leopards (Harris) Stars & Spikes (Tassan)  
White Tigers (Shuler) Sweet Digs (Thompson) Team Billiet (Billiet) Leopards (Harris)  
High Impact (Briscoe) Bulldogz (Soffer)   Set for Life (Burling)  
Fireballs (Thompson) Ice Angels (Lawson)      
  Super Setters (Penrod)      
  Set it & Forget it (Rutledge)      
  Leopards (Smith)      
  Dragons (Self)      
  Smash Sisters (Richardson)      
  Sugar & Spike (Rivers)      


4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

MS (7-8th Grade)

HS (9-11th Grade)

Spikeadelics (Sievert) Mustangs (Vinciguerra) The Hits (Eeningburg) The Spikers (Jackson) Spikers (Banker)
High Impact (Briscoe) Aces (Begshaw) Shockwave (Steichen) The Dudes (Steichen) Blaze (Maung)
Allen Chargers (Cheela)       The Dudes (Podewils)
Leopards (George)       Volley Llamas (Phung)