Basketball Practice Gym Information & Schedules

GYMS CANNOT BE ACCESSED PRIOR TO 6:30 PM ON WEEKNIGHTS – Gym entrance doors will automatically unlock at 6:30 pm

AISD Gym Monitors are there to make sure the doors are unlocked on time and to make sure gym equipment is set up and ready to use. They are also there to make sure the AISD Policies listed below are followed.

Practices are scheduled to start at 6:35 pm, 7:35 pm and 8:35 pm.  Please do not stay or linger in the gym past the end of your scheduled practice time. If you would like to meet with team parents, please do so outside of the school. Gym Monitor’s will be locking up and closing the gym at the last scheduled practice end time.

Gyms will have goal cranks available to lower goals for the younger age groups.  Please make sure to raise the goal back up to regulation (10 feet) when practice is complete.  The AISD Gym Monitor will be available to help locate the crank.

Winter 2019/2020 Practices are included in registration. Each team will receive 1 hour, half court practice each week.


If you are locked out of a gym, call (972)727-9565 Option 5


Practice Schedules will be posted here.

Week of February 10-14

Week of February 17-21
High School Teams ONLY