About Allen Sports Association

ASA was organized on November 24, 1976 and has been recognized as an exempt organization under section 501(c) (3) of the internal revenue code since March of 1982. 

The purpose for the creation of this Corporation was to operate, provide and promote a year round program for supervised recreational sports. To also provide an opportunity for those adults who desire to voluntarily coach, supervise and instruct others in recreational sports. And to promote the highest ideals of fellowship and sportsmanship with the specific purpose of making the Community a better place to live.

The Allen Sports Association is made up of an Executive Board that handles the business of the association and the Sport Boards that handle the sports of the Association.  Both volunteer association boards are supported by the ASA paid staff.

There are six committees of the Association whose purpose is to assist the Executive Director in carrying out various activities of ASA.  Those committees are the Finance Committee, Ethics Committee, Public Relations Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Competition Committee and  Technology committee.

Long Range Strategic Plan

Office Staff




Ken Geest

Executive Director – 17 Years


Kara Leonard

Finance Manager – 4 Years



Jennifer Hasko

Sports Specialist – 14 Years

Baseball, Cheerleading, Football, Softball & Volleyball


Shawn Lung

Sports Specialist – 12 Years

Basketball, Inline Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer & Track


Rachel Cass

Receptionist/Admin. Support

5 Years


Nicole Hyatt

Receptionist/Admin. Support




Board of Directors

Tim Bray



Michelle Musick Jones



Charlie Brill

Court Sports Director


Todd Thompson

Turf Sports Director



Matt Du Bois

Member At-Large


Teresa Rodenbaugh

Member At-Large


Brant Wood

Member At-Large


Jared Shelton

Member At-Large



Jeff Holt

City of Allen Representative


JB Puckett

Lovejoy ISD Representative


Daniel Pitcock

Allen ISD Representative



Volunteer Committees

At ASA there are many different ways to volunteer your time to the organization. In addition to coaching on the sidelines ASA has volunteer committees to help with the day-to-day operations of the association. The purpose of these committees is to assist the Executive Director in carrying out various activities and policies of ASA.  

Fund Raising Committee – Designed to assist with the establishment of fundraising policies and oversee fundraising efforts of all ASA sports. Members of this committee are not responsible for raising funds for the association. 

Chairperson: Ken Geest, executivedirector@allensports.org

Committee Members: OPEN

Public Relations Committee – Designed to help ASA establish a public awareness of ASA activities and events. Duties include, but are not limited to, design and distribution of marketing materials, attending special events as representatives of ASA, and working with city, school and business community members to help establish partnerships with ASA.

Chairperson: Jennifer Hasko, jennifer.hasko@allensports.org

Committee Members: OPEN 

Technology Committee – Designed to provide technology support for the ASA office and all registrants.  This includes, but is not limited to website design & evaluation of new software (scheduling, financial, etc).

Chairperson: Ken Geest, executivedirector@allensports.org

Committee Members: OPEN

Ethics Committee - This committee was established to assist in the evaluation and monitoring of the conduct of participants, attendees, coaches and referees of ASA sporting events.  The Ethics committee will be responsible for overseeing the Appeals & Discipline (A&D) process for all violations of the ASA Uniform Code of Conduct.

Chairperson:Geoffrey Smith, executivedirector@allensports.org 

Committee Members:Tom Cowart, Michael Peay, Ron Murphy, Jay Meldrum, Edward Fike, Dana Thornburg, Stephanie Bullington, Joseph Moon, Jason Powell, 

Competition Committee - The Competition Committee was established to oversee all aspects of competition within the association.  Committee members review team formation rules, play time rules, division of leagues based on skill level, and much more. 

Chairperson:Spence Gould, spence_gould@allenisd.org 

Committee Members:Chad Stone, Cyril Huang, Charlie Brill, Michael Butler

Anyone interested in volunteering for one of the ASA Volunteer Committees can submit a Volunteer Board Member Application to Executive Director Ken Geest via email at executivedirector@allensports.org.


To be the place where kids come to play



ASA provides the leadership, structure and sports programs to prepare kids for life.

Core Values


  • Accept & fulfill responsibility
  • Spend time and funds wisely
  • Create a safe and nurturing environment
  • Honor the game
  • Define success by achievable goals
  • Lead by example
  • Invest in volunteers


  • Create a safe & nurturing environment / experience
  • Calm & nurturing demeanor
  • Consider impact on kids when making decisions
  • Help kids learn as they play
  • Compete fairly


  • Be fair
  • Words and actions must be above reproach
  • Keep your words – do what you say you will do
  • Teach life lessons
  • Follow the rules


  • Listen and Learn
  • Value differences
  • Be fair and consistent
  • Let others be heard
  • Encourage participation


  • Work together for success
  • Help each other
  • Focus on making the whole team better
  • Balance the focus between individuals and the team
  • Value different roles and opinions